Catholic to Christian

An Exploration of Catholicism and One Man’s Journey
from Darkness into God’s Wonderful Light

by S.C. Slawin

Catholic to Christian by SC Slawin from

Catholic to Christian author S. C. Slawin spent his first 44 years as a faithful Catholic, having been born and raised in the Roman Catholic Church. His faith led him to take an active role in the church, spending time as an altar server, a CCD teacher, a lector, and an RCIA instructor. After living his life dedicated to the traditions, doctrines and practices of Catholicism, he embarked on a very unexpected and momentous journey into a deeper exploration of the teachings of the Catholic faith and the Holy Scripture. This book documents his amazing and personal account of finding a true understanding of God’s simple plan for Salvation.

Topics Include: Religion, Spirituality, Christianity, Catholicism, Bible, Holy Scriptures, Sola Scriptura, Roman Catholic Church, Catechism of the Catholic Church, God, Heaven, Jesus, Christ, Eternal Life

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